Jimmie K. Lew

Freelance Professional




In Brief:

  • I’m a highly skilled communicator and writer
  • I’m largely self-taught in my professional capabilities
  • I’m meticulous in my approach to everything

I’m a native San Diegan with an aptitude for technology and its use in facilitating communications and productive operations. I boast a well-honed set of unteachable skills, such as critical & abstract thinking and personal pride in work ethic. I place the utmost importance on getting a job done and done right—keep reading to find out how I might be of service to you and your professional endeavors.

Notary Public

Notary Public services are charged on the standard notary fee of $15 per signature for single and dual signature notarizations.

For documents requiring additional signatures, a sliding discount scale is used to reduce client fees without drastically devaluating the notarization service itself: third and fourth additional signatures are discounted to $10 each, and every additional signature thereafter is charged at a rate of $5.

Generally available upon request after office hours and during weekends in the University Heights area, but advance appointments are highly recommended.

Cost Comparison Table

Signatures $15 ea $10 ea $5 ea
1 $15 $15 $15
2 $30 $30 $30
3 $45 $40 $40
4 $60 $50 $50
5 $75 $60 $55
6 $90 $70 $60


Photographic services are a budding enterprise I have undertaken with a focus in real estate interior and architectural photography. I photograph properties for sale & rental listings with an emphasis on capturing spaces in manner that accurately conveys scale and layout and retains details both inside and outside the home in every photo.

Airbnb: Peppertree Craftsman

This unit was my first photography shoot, a duplex single-structure unit that was remodeled for short term rental on Airbnb. The photographs displayed are those taken after reshooting the property after acquiring a wide-angle lens to better work in the tight confines of the bathrooms. My initial photographs with the kit lens were of a … Read More

Airbnb: La Playa Cottage

This residence was the second unit in a multi-parcel acquisition at work to be converted to a short term vacation rental to be listed on Airbnb. Titled the “La Playa Cottage” for its listing on Airbnb, this property was photographed during office hours, and was the first time photographing with a wide angle lens. As … Read More

Airbnb: The Standard

This duplex top unit was the third short term vacation rental conversion at work, the compliment to the initial Peppertree Craftsman STVR. Delayed by a legacy Section 8 tenant it was leased to by the previous owner, it was swiftly renovated and listed on Airbnb. This third project marked came right after I had finished … Read More

Web Design

I provide website design and deployment services, with a specialization in WordPress-powered sites. Using a holistic consultative approach, I ensure the creation of style guides that clients can use to ensure cohesive branding across all supporting marketing channels.


DNDB.info A full site reconstruction and photo portfolio restoration effort for a prior employer. Project Brief A remodeling contractor specializing in Kitchen & Bath design, Danilo Nesovic had been in business for over 40 years when I was tasked with updating his website for him. The original site had been assembled long ago using a … Read More

Media & Graphics

As a technological generalist, I have working knowledge and experience working with various media types: audio, video, and graphics for both print & web.

Logo: Choice Confections

This artwork was generated within the course of a couple of hours as a birthday present for a personal acquaintance operating their own baking/catering business. With minimal engagement in regards to design input, I skimmed through my font library for one that struck a balance between whimsy and elegance, as baked goods can go either … Read More


I am the resulting adult of that rare kid whose favorite class in grade school was English.

I provide writing and editing services adaptable to any need, with an emphasis in technical styles and process documentation. If you need thoughts refined into properly edited copy formatted for clarity to its target audience, get in touch below.