Airbnb: The Standard

This duplex top unit was the third short term vacation rental conversion at work, the compliment to the initial Peppertree Craftsman STVR. Delayed by a legacy Section 8 tenant it was leased to by the previous owner, it was swiftly renovated and listed on Airbnb. This third project marked came right after I had finished … Read More

Airbnb: La Playa Cottage

This residence was the second unit in a multi-parcel acquisition at work to be converted to a short term vacation rental to be listed on Airbnb. Titled the “La Playa Cottage” for its listing on Airbnb, this property was photographed during office hours, and was the first time photographing with a wide angle lens. As … Read More

Airbnb: Peppertree Craftsman

This unit was my first photography shoot, a duplex single-structure unit that was remodeled for short term rental on Airbnb. The photographs displayed are those taken after reshooting the property after acquiring a wide-angle lens to better work in the tight confines of the bathrooms. My initial photographs with the kit lens were of a … Read More