Airbnb: La Playa Cottage

This residence was the second unit in a multi-parcel acquisition at work to be converted to a short term vacation rental to be listed on Airbnb. Titled the “La Playa Cottage” for its listing on Airbnb, this property was photographed during office hours, and was the first time photographing with a wide angle lens. As such, I did have to reshoot this once, since I hadn’t learned the proper usage of a manual focus lens. The additional time used in taking a new set of photographs reduced the amount of time able to be spent in post-processing—there are plenty of shots were the vertical lines needed correcting that I wasn’t able to do in the crunch to get the listing up as soon as possible. That, and forgetting to turn on all of the interior lights in the rush of the reshoot without having supplementary light sources to shoot with are my only regrets on how these turned out for a first-time shoot with a new lens, and a second project since buying my camera.

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August 24, 2019