Airbnb: Peppertree Craftsman

This unit was my first photography shoot, a duplex single-structure unit that was remodeled for short term rental on Airbnb.

The photographs displayed are those taken after reshooting the property after acquiring a wide-angle lens to better work in the tight confines of the bathrooms. My initial photographs with the kit lens were of a highly satisfactory level for a first-time shoot, but the benefit of the specialized lens and the experience in proper use of a manual focus lens acquired in photographing the second Airbnb conversion resulted in this much improved final photo set.

My only lament with these is that I didn’t have off-camera flashes on hand to compensate for some of the darker areas where the interior lights didn’t cut it, and that I didn’t bracket at a low enough exposure to retail full detail outside all of the windows—a few of them are a little more “blown out” than I care for.

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August 19, 2019