Airbnb: The Standard

This duplex top unit was the third short term vacation rental conversion at work, the compliment to the initial Peppertree Craftsman STVR. Delayed by a legacy Section 8 tenant it was leased to by the previous owner, it was swiftly renovated and listed on Airbnb. This third project marked came right after I had finished adding a pair of off-camera flashes to my repertoire. Unfortunately, they’d been delivered just days prior—I had planned on using this photoshoot to experiment with flash placement & power and get a feel for their use, but that didn’t quite play out to plan. The unit hadn’t been cleaned to a properly staged standard. Little over an hour of shooting time allocated out of the administrative 8-hour day was used spot cleaning and arranging things. Furthermore, issues with getting the flash units to communicate with the wireless module only allowed me to use it for a few shots, and the results, while better than a darkened room, definitely need some fine tuning and additional practice.

In spite of these issues, I’m very happy with the output photographs given the time constraints and situational context, especially those of the exterior deck and the compact bathroom I couldn’t setup a tripod inside. I’m equally pleased with the front-angle shot of the built-in dining room cabinet doors where I eliminated all reflections in the glass panes of the doors, but the shots featuring it at an angle also indicated a scrim to manually block unwanted light to be the next thing to add to the camera kit. Out of the three units photographed for the office day job, this one is my personal favorite.

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September 4, 2019