A full site reconstruction and photo portfolio restoration effort for a prior employer.

Project Brief

A remodeling contractor specializing in Kitchen & Bath design, Danilo Nesovic had been in business for over 40 years when I was tasked with updating his website for him. The original site had been assembled long ago using a hosting provider’s page building tool that was heavily reliant on Flash plugins for dynamic page elements and had accumulated a fair share of broken links over time. Portfolio projects were not all linked properly to their corresponding galleries, and portfolio entry image galleries had erratic display behavior. These minor issues aside, the site itself was non-compliant with shifting standards towards responsive design and mobile web optimization.

Seeking to wind down his operations as a remodeling contractor and spend his retirement age on authoring books and online content to preserve his experience gained over four decades in the trade. To future-proof his website’s backend with his long term goals, it was remade using WordPress. Built using the Avada theme, the entirety of it was laid out to spec, some design and formatting recommendations eschewed over personal client preference.

Photo content for his portfolio largely consisted of damaged assets. His photos of earlier jobs from the 70’s and 80’s were scanned from damaged prints, and more recent jobs were photographed using non-professional digital and smartphone cameras. Uncatalogued physical negatives were only available for a few projects, and were in a dated format that would have required specialized scanning. Comprehensive update of his portfolio involved manually retouching all of his photos in an editor, as well as intensive post-processing using various photo manipulation programs before organizing them into an Adobe Lightroom installation setup to sync with the WordPress media gallery.