This artwork was generated within the course of a couple of hours as a birthday present for a personal acquaintance operating their own baking/catering business. With minimal engagement in regards to design input, I skimmed through my font library for one that struck a balance between whimsy and elegance, as baked goods can go either way.

For the color concept, I chose a dark brown as an easy association with chocolate. A faint peach was chosen with “bread” in mind, without actually going to a tan brown shade. A deep pink was selected to play off of the peach while communicating the various characteristics of “sweetness”: frosting, strawberries, etc. These colors were applied as a vertical gradient border to give the word “Choice” the brighter color, and “Confections” the heavier highlight along the visual base, each color highlighting the symbolic aspects of the words they are representing.

As a final touch, the tittle of the lowercase “i” was replaced with a star to play off of the word “Choice”, and skewed up and to the right to give it a feel of upward momentum.